Device Warranty

Your Personal Microderm handset comes with a 12-month product warranty for any issue. We only offer refunds if you return before 30 days (please see the return policy here). We only cover shipping costs if the replacement handsets arrived defective or damaged.

To replace a defective product, kindly follow the steps below:

- Take a clear video of the product to show the Defect.
- Send us an email explaining clearly the Defect.
- Attach the product video in the email.
- We will review your email and process it for approval.
- After approval, we will notify you to send back your product alongside other contents in the package.
- On the receipt of the defective product, we will process a replacement.
NB – It takes us 24-72 hours to process replacements (Monday through Friday on business days only).

More about Defects and Warranty
You can only process a warranty application within 12 months from the date of order. We will not attend to warranty applications beyond this deadline.
What is a Defect?
Our 12-month warranty is only applicable to defective products. A product with any error or fault is termed a Defect (Defect).

How do you claim your 12-Month warranty?
If you discover that your product is defective within a year of its delivery, you must stop using it and contact us immediately. We only accept notification in writing, with a photo and description of the Defect attached. Sometimes, we may ask that you return the defective product alongside the packaging, accessories, parts, and documentation like proof of purchase to the contact details.
When returning a product as part of a Defect claim, the customer will be responsible for all the return costs. If we discover that our 12-month warranty is still valid on the product, we will refund all the costs involved in returning it to the customer.

What happens after a customer makes a successful claim under our 12-month warranty?

If your 12-month warranty claim is valid and successful, we will:
- Repair or replace the Defect, based on your sole discretion; or
- Offer you a credit, refund, or compensation if the Defect cannot be repaired or replaced.

What damages are not covered by our 12-month warranty?
Our 12-month warranty does not cover the following types of damage:
- Damages due to an act or omission, negligence, or accident by you or a third party we didn’t engage;
- Normal wear and tear; and
- Discoloration of the customizable heads or the handset.